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About Sponsored Content On Our Website

Hello everyone!

Sponsored content, in general, is kind of a controversial topic on the internet, and different people have different takes on it. Media, both online and offline, publish sponsored content these days. You might have come across some sponsored posts on our site, and you most probably came to this post from a sponsored post. Let us explain what these are and why they exist on our website.

About Sponsored Posts

Going by the dictionary, the term “sponsored” means funded by a body (or group of bodies) in return for something. You can call this a typical buy-sell transaction. In the case of sponsored posts, a body (let’s consider a bank) usually pays the publisher (that would be us – e-Banking.in) some amount of money in return for a post covering their products or services (like, say, a credit card line).

How is this different from a regular post? Well, with sponsored posts, a publisher gets paid directly from the brand for promoting their products or services. In most cases, the publisher doesn’t even have to use the product or service they’re promoting, and they just have to publish what the sponsor gives them. The publisher can also add their comments, thoughts, and experiences, in case they’ve used the promoted products or services.

As for the sponsor themselves, they get eyeballs and probable customers while spending less than they would otherwise spend on full-blown advertisements. Also, a brand would only sponsor content on platforms relevant to its products or services, meaning they have more chances of getting legit leads with sponsored posts. You won’t see a clothing brand sponsoring a post regarding their new designer jeans on our website. Basically, brands piggyback on the publisher’s reach and image to get more customers, and publishers get some perks while not having to dedicate much time, energy, or resources for the content. Win-win for both parties.

We take sponsored posts as it helps us get some cash flowing, which we can then invest into the development and betterment of this very website. e-Banking India is a reader-first, reader-supported blog, meaning we serve quality content to you, but instead of taking money from you directly, we do so through stuff like sponsored posts, advertisements, and affiliate marketing. Sponsored posts are just one of the several ways of monetizing this website.

We try to use every product or service that we recommend on this website. If we haven’t used something, we make it clear in the post itself. This rule stays intact for sponsored posts as well. You can find our comments at the end of sponsored posts, much like unsponsored, regular ones. We also won’t accept any and every sponsored post that is proposed to us. Finance is a sensitive niche, and we’re ultra-careful when accepting sponsored posts on this blog, as it usually involves people’s money. You can take our word for it.

There is almost zero regulation on sponsored content on the internet, but, in a broader sense, an average individual is either okay with sponsored posts, or isn’t. Whichever side you are on, we’ve made it dead simple for you to spot sponsored posts on our website. You’ll see a special “Sponsored” tag on the top of every sponsored post, right next to the post’s primary categories. This tag is also easier to differentiate from the category indicator as it has a purple background, opposed to the category’s violet. We’ve done this to ensure our mission of maintaining an open and transparent relationship with our readers.

We hope this post helps you. If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to use the comments section below!

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