Few important things first…

This page only had the contact form in the beginning, but after we got so many submissions that we couldn’t entertain individually, here are a few key things answered for you, even before you ask:

  • We do not provide any kind of support for any third party product or service, neither we can transfer your issues to third parties. If you have an issue with a product or service that we have talked about on this website, please contact the makers/sellers of the product or service directly.
  • Other than the contact form on this page and our social media pages (links to which can be found on the footer of this website), there is no other way to reach us directly. Please be careful of scammers and fraudsters contacting you pretending to be us. We aren’t that big of a blog yet, but there have been a couple of such cases where scammers tried to scam people of money in our name. We will never ask for your financial/sensitive details.
  • We accept guest posts. If you would be interested to write a post on our website, please use the form below and select “Guest Post” in the reason field. Don’t submit the post through the form. Just let us know what you wish to write about, how your content would be useful to our readers, and your background in blogging/content writing, and we’ll get back to you to discuss further.
  • Talking about the reason field, please make sure to choose the correct reason, as it makes sure your message is delivered to the right person/team.
  • All fields are mandatory except the Twitter/Facebook URL one. You can skip it if you wish to. That one is there just so that we can contact you over there incase we can’t reach you via email, or give you credits when your contributions are added to our website.
  • Finally, and most importantly, we love conversations, but we hate spammers. Please submit your contact request a maximum of three times. We typically reply to everyone to contacts us via this page, but if you don’t hear back from us after the third time, it simply means we aren’t interested. Please save your time and ours, and don’t spam us.

That’s it! Looking forward to hearing from you.