We love comments

We encourage our website readers/visitors/audience to share their thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and questions in the form of comments under posts and articles on the website. We genuinely appreciate the time and effort people spare to add value to this website through comments. However, to ensure that these comments are as helpful and constructive as possible, we have some rules that you must abide by.

Following are the comment rules that apply to commenters and comments left on our website:

Your data

Ensure that you use your real name (just the first name is okay, too) and email address. Don’t leave comments anonymously. Don’t use fake/pseudo names or email addresses. Double-check your email address. It helps us notify you of replies to your comments and contact you privately in rare circumstances. The email addresses left in the comment section are not published anywhere on the website, are not shared with anyone outside our team, and are not used to send you marketing/promotional messages.

Your website URL

We don’t allow regular commenters to leave their website’s URL these days; this is mainly done to get free backlinks. We will strip out the URL before publishing most of the comments. However, certain bodies are allowed to use their website URLs. If you see a comment linking to external websites, it means we have verified the respective commenter’s profile and found them to be genuine, regularly helpful, and/or officially representing an organization. You can also leave links to your social media profiles instead; we won’t remove those.

Your comment

At the end of the day, the purpose of comments is to add value to a topic through conversations. Therefore, we require that your comments must:

  • Be in English/Hinglish, as this is what our primary audience (and team) speaks and understands. Please use a language translator (like Google Translate) if you can’t write in English.
  • Be relevant to the post/topic. We expect you to read the entire post before leaving comments.
  • Not contain your or anyone else’s personal data. Other than your name and email address, your comments should be free of any personal, financial, or otherwise sensitive data.
  • Be brief and to the point. It is generally counter-productive to leave whole thousand-word descriptive articles disguised as comments. If you want to write long paragraphs on any topic, we encourage you to write a guest post on our website instead.
  • Not contain any kind of slurs, abuses, slang, cuss words, defamatory terms, or foul language. Our readers are why we exist in the first place, and we take it upon ourselves to ensure that no one is hurt, harassed, or picked on.
  • Not be a blatant promotion of a product or service, even if it is related to the post/topic on which the comment is left. These comments will be considered spam.

Your rights

After you leave comments on our website, you reserve the right to contact us and get the following tasks done:

  • Edit your comment
  • Disable email notifications for replies to your comments
  • Have your comments taken down from the website

Our rights

We reserve certain rights over comments left throughout our website. Without explicit permissions from the commenters, we may:

  • Edit/modify comments before and after they are published. This allows us to rephrase words to adhere to our comments policy.
  • Delete comments we feel don’t go by our comment policy and ban the commenters from leaving comments in the future. This allows us to keep the conversations healthy and constructive.
  • Retain the comments and commenter’s data, even if the comments are unpublished, rejected, or deleted from the front end. This helps us to keep a record of our website’s performance and growth and abide by legalities and statutory compliance.
  • Contact the commenter privately via email. On rare occasions, we will reach out to people when we need more clarification about a comment or when we can help them by sharing something that can’t be shared publically. This is also why we require commenters to use their actual, working email address.
  • Publish/include comments on other parts of our website (other posts or pages), social media channels, and marketing and advertising material.
  • Share comments with third parties for informational, statistical, marketing, advertising, or promotional purposes. Such parties may use the shared comments in their content without modifying the comment body.

We shall not be held responsible for issues or losses arising from any comment on this website. Please do your due diligence before following any advice or suggestion from a commenter on our website.

Apart from these, rules and regulations in our Privacy Policy and Terms also apply, so we encourage you to go through and abide by those. If you leave a comment on our website, thank you for adding value and making our website better for everyone!

We reserve the right to modify this Comment Policy without notice. When we do so, we will include the last modification date here. This policy was last modified on the 15th of September, 2021.